The Double Standards Going On In the Regressive Camp, and Why I Am Voting For Trump.

After 2 days, I have returned after I realized I forgot to talk about anything  political that has to do with the US election officially, which is stupid, especially with the election being a few months away, the first 2 blog posts covered the feminism movement for the most part, I am going to change that, and yes, I KNOW it said anti feminist blog on the title, I should really change that, because I also talk about BLM, political stuff, and SJW, and Liberal BS in general here, ignore the title for now.  The left has so many double standards, it is fucking ridiculous, the left has committed so much horrible shit, and gets away with it, yet when just ONE right person does the same thing, it is made as an example to the whole entire regressive left, and the entire right wing should be constantly guilt tripped, and be felt responsible for something one right wing did, and voting for donald trump would be disgracing the memory of something ONE RIGHT WING DID, and siding with the actions of that person.  I touched on this issue a few times on my first 2 posts, but I feel that this deserves its own separate blog post.  Remember when someone tried to assassinate trump? NO ONE cared about that, and they just pushed it off like it is nothing, yet when the right wing does something much smaller than that, but still bad, suddenly, he is hitler, and he is an extremist who sets an example for the entire right.  Remember the gay nightclub shooter? Everyone thought it was a horrible event, and they commemorated it, and he was a registered muslim, and a democrat who supported hillary clinton, yet the left did not feel incredibly guilt tripped over him, and feel responsible, and feel like the whole party deserves blame just because of this guy, when the right does something like this, it would be an entirely different story, and if we tried to voice our position that maybe the muslims might be a problem considering how horrible the quran is, their habit of following it to the letter(really, that is one of the main differences between Islam, and christianity, though not the only one, and the main reason why they committed horrible shit, while christians do not, the bible easily has some incredibly horrible actions, and bad stuff in there, yet the christians do not follow it to the letter, they choose parts they like, and follow their teachings based on them, muslims follow the quran to the letter,) how horrible EVERYONE is treated there, both males and females have horrible lives there, especially gays, if you do not follow islam to the letter, you would be as good as dead, the moderates support islam by using the quran to TRY to disprove it is so horrible by cherry picking parts, and making the quran look much better than it is, and constantly say that Islam is the “religion of peace” despite tons of evidence pointing to the contrary, say that they are disrespecting islam by opposing them, and ignoring the real problem at hand, and then when we criticize islam, they try to censor, and false flag us, post incredibly hateful, and immature comments, and dislike bomb the fuck out of it.  After all that, the left STILL calls us ISLAMOPHOBIC, which would imply that there is an irrational fear of islam, and that there really is nothing bad about islam, the truth is, the muslim world is flawed, and we need to improve it somehow, and set up borders into our country to prevent the extremists from coming in, while allowing legal muslims to enter our country.  The left has also committed multiple violent actions, and yet it gets ignored.  Feminism, and the BLM movement are also pretty extreme examples, if we ever talk bad about feminism, they point us to the dictionary definition that talks about striving for equality by focusing only on WOMEN’S RIGHTS, I already touched on how this is a stupid idea, and how the females are now incredibly privileged compared to males, because of the movement, so I will not talk about it again.  They disregard the extremists as “not true feminists,” despite the fact that they CALL THEMSELVES FEMINISTS, and say that they do fight for equality while doing all that horrible shit, so it is insanely hard to tell them apart, and poisoning, and misrepresenting the feminist movement for everyone else, the feminists are doing nothing about them.  The exact same thing goes for BLM, just replace females with blacks, and replace them fighting against men with killing police just for the murder of one black, already touched on how that is BS on one of the questions on the buzzfeed quiz, so I will not touch on that here, and I will most likely discuss the issue again when I formerly talk about the BLM movement sometime soon.

Want to know why the left keeps getting away with all this? It is, because the left, and the biased media news outlets has brainwashed the masses, and put it into their head that the SJW’s, and left are the good, true saviors who is incredibly compassionate, cares about everyone, and can do nothing wrong, while the right are those evil authoritarian guys who will try to control everyone, is incredibly racist, and support someone who is literally hitler.  The left is censoring any unwanted opinions, and using those stupid buzzwords, and insanely stupid strawmans to shut down any opposition, and make us look horrible, by calling any criticism against the left “harassment”.  The EXACT OPPOSITE of what the left is claiming is true, seriously, think about it.  The left has done MUCH MORE criminal shit than the right, yet they get away with it, and people believe the LEFT are the good guys by filling the heads of the people with lies, and BS propoganda, the rights are the true moderates if we add up all the actions.  To put the icing on the top of this sundae, the left wants equality of outcome, and basically communism, not equality of opportunity, and I already covered my problem with equality of outcome on my first post.  Now, I am NOT a pure conservative, I just choose the president, and the policies, that I agree with the most, that is it, I might even agree with some of the liberal policies, it is just that right now, the liberal movement is completely fucked, and taken over by SJW fucktards who want to control everything.  Not only is the president who supports the regressive an amoral, psychopathic bitch who will constantly lie to save her own skin, is a criminal who should be put in JAIL, and does not give a damn about the country, or the people at all, while constantly pandering to the SJW’s despite her actions showing the complete opposite of that, and abusing the fact that she is the first woman president, the people on the left are also cancerous.  Seriously, at this point, TRUMP is a better candidate for the SJW’s than hillary is despite him openly saying that he hates multiple actions of the SJW’s on numerous occasions, because he might actually make laws that support women, and blacks when they need it, the left has been fed a lie by hillary, and they took it hook, line, and sinker.  While the fact that people are afraid that trump might be a bad president, and leader is valid, I believe he is just what we need as a president, and even so, I would pick him any day over hillary, because at least he cares about the country, and people, wants to support the country, and has basic empathy.  Hillary is a VERY good politician, knows her way around politics, and knows her way around being a president, but she will not get my vote, because she simply does not care.  If trump ever needs help, and support as a president, he can call his cabinet to help out when needed, and I believe the fact that he is an economist is a good thing, because that means he knows his way around money, and how to manage it, and can help get our economy back up, and it is pretty obvious by now that he cares, and knows about more stuff than just economics, even if he is not as knowledgeable politically as Hillary .  The main stance on the left is that they are incredibly idealistic people who cares about everyone, I am also incredibly idealistic, and care about people, I am just more practical about it, so if you are not going to listen to the other conservatives, at least listen to me, and consider my viewpoint.


Taking The How Much of a Feminist Are You Quiz Just For Fun

Here is the link to the quiz if you want to take it yourself:

Hey guys! I decided to find out how much of a feminist, and since I am a cis gendered white male patriarchal shitlord scum, I am probably not going to score very high on this quiz.  In all seriousness, I decided to do the most recent quiz about feminism buzzfeed has came up with since it is a trendy topic in the anti feminist camp, and I wanted to capitalize on its popularity, and, because I thought it would be fun for you guys to look at, don’t judge me! This is going to be more of a mean spirited, and harsh kind of post, because frankly, buzzfeed is fucking cancer, their questions are completely stupid, and it deserves to be taken down by now, usually I will not be such an asshole though since I believe actually being nice to feminists, and showing them the error of their ways while having a peaceful conversation is the best way to help them out, and show them why they are wrong, so don’t worry.  Also, this is probably going to be the longest post I will ever do, at least for a while since I have to respond to ALL FIFTY questions, trust me, it was a nightmare to write.  It took HOURS to write this stupid thing, never doing that again hopefully.

Alright, let’s begin:

1. I would be willing to give up some of my salary if I had to, so that equal pay in my workplace could be a reality.

HELL NO, seriously, the reason this wage gap BS still exists for the most part is, because women try to take the easy way out in college, and take gender studies, and get horrible jobs, because of it that gives a very low amount of pay, and because they do not work as long as men due to stuff like maternity leave, pregnancy, and stuff like that, if you want the wage gap to end, ACTUALLY DO SOME WORK!

2. I believe men, and women should be equal

Yes, of course I do.  Wait a second, does that mean I am a feminist, and I did not even know that? How can I be so stupid, and take something that sounds like a lot better movement than feminism, has none of the negative connotations that feminism has, and has a better dictionary definition than feminism? HOW CAN I DO THAT?!? That’s it, in order to atone for my sins, I will acknowledge my privilege, pray to anita sarkeesian, and burn hundreds of dollars into a video series lasting 10 episodes, which does not even include her own videogame footage, and the stupidest ideas ever! Either way, I am checking yes, but I am NOT a feminist.

3. I cannot help, but be bothered when a song includes misogynistic lyrics, even when I otherwise like the song

BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait, is buzzfeed serious? If you cannot help but be bothered by the fact that the song includes lyrics that sounds “misogynistic” which has pretty much been changed to mean anything that does not agree with the victim narrative the feminists have, then I really have to wonder how insecure you guys are.  Seriously, just because a song includes lyrics that may be misogynistic to feminists does NOT mean that it is a bad song, the composers most likely did not even write those words on purpose, and did not realize it would be misogynistic to feminists, unless it is some kind of “microaggresion” BS, but if the song blatantly hates on woman, and is sexist, then I probably would have a problem with the song itself, and I can see where the feminists are coming from, until then though, that is a no.

4.I know who Bell Hooks is

BRB, I will look her up

Alright, I looked her up, it was just another feminist who constantly writes books, and talked about the “sexism,” and racism on black women, how black women is getting fucked over in society in their eyes, and she discussed the idea of a WHITE SUPREMACIST, PATRIARCHAL, CAPITALIST SOCIETY?!? Is this person the reason why those feminists kept spouting those buzzwords to shut down conversations?!? God damn it.  Oh, and she also “defined” feminism, and used the same definition any textbook feminist spouts out… Great… Will still answer no to this question though since I did not know about her until this question pops up

5. I can define intersectional feminism

Yes, intersectional feminism is the idea that everybody is oppressed in some way, or fashion, and there is some kind of stupid metric that shows how oppressed someone is, basically, just a tool, or device to advance the feminist agenda, and keep saying that women, and blacks are always oppressed, and white males are the most privileged people on the planet.  I should probably show this kind of metric to my math college professor when I start college, he/she would have a field day.

6. I don’t use the phrase “hey guys” when referring to a group of people that include men, and women

I can KINDA see why this would be a problem with feminists, but it has been such a common term in popular culture that it is pretty much a normal thing to say at this point, it would be stupid to change something as simple as a phrase to greet people, what? Do I just say hey everybody, or hey guys/gals instead? Guess I will next time if I am going to trigger a feminist like that.

7. I have taken a women’s/gender studies class

Why would I ever want to take a class that teaches me completely meaningless stuff, is a class that requires no effort at all, and gives me a horrible job? Are you guys trying to say that if you take gender studies, you will know what gender studies is actually like, and you can disprove all the myths, and stereotypes about gender studies? Well, from what I heard from everyone, and even people who took gender studies, it is exactly as I described, if you can disprove it, just tell me in the comments, and I might reconsider it.  For now, another no.

8. It is important to encourage girls to take science, and math as a career

Typical feminism… They only want the highest, and best classes the men have, and constantly assume that males are those incredibly privileged people who have the best jobs ever.  The truth is, the reason males take all those jobs females do not is because they are huge risk takers, and they are willing to do jobs, or take classes that females are way too afraid to do, which includes the lowest of the low jobs, and incredibly dangerous jobs it is why there are so many more famous/infamous males than females.  To answer the question, if they want it, yes, but do not force them to take those classes, just tell them that they can chose those classes if they want, they can control their own life, and choose whatever career the want, and do whatever they want, who knows, maybe the girl would be an incredibly succesful videogame designer, or software manager instead, the best thing you can do is help guide them in the right direction, so I would check yes for this question, simply because most girls are most likely so used to gender studies that they do not know that they can do really well in other classes, and take better jobs because of them, it is the only reason the wage gap really exists in the first place besides the amount of hours worked.

9. Women should apply for the job if they fulfill 60% of the job requirements.

Depends on the job in question, if the employers are OK with employees fulfilling 3/5ths of the requirements to get a job, by all means, let them, for both men, and women.  In general though, I would like to say no to this question, because it implies that women should have much lower requirements for jobs than males, just for having a certain body part, which is major BS.  In general, I feel that if women fulfill the vast majority of the job requirements, they should get the job, 60% just sounds like way too low of a number to hire women, it just encourages mediocrity at the end of the day, and brings the whole company down.

10. I think we should change women’s bathroom symbols to not include truly feminine clothing

Again, why are they so privileged, and whiny that they get offended over SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!? Seriously, the reason the stereotype that women are feminine exist, is because people see patterns from other females, and it comes from at least some degree of truth.  By destroying gender roles, you guys again are not letting us boys actually act masculine, and not letting us enjoy videogames, and stuff like comics, superheroes, and anime, and not letting the girls act feminine anymore, it is LOOKED DOWN UPON IN SOCIETY! Just acting like a normal boy, and girl is a bad thing. and that is freaking BS, just let boys, and girls do whatever they want without being judged, if boys enjoy girly things, and girls are tomboys who enjoy masculine activities, LET THEM, just because society ingrained in your brain that boys are supposed to do this, and girls are supposed to do that does not mean you have to follow them to the letter, and that is the biggest lesson to learn here, also, if your response is that you just want to show that boys do not have to act manly all the time, have to be so emotionless, or violent, then why do you females keep using the male tears argument to shut us down, constantly stereotype us as violent, give girls NO JAILS AT all, or significantly reducing the amount of time for the same crime, and make girl jails more like safe spaces? All you are doing is reinforcing the stereotypes, or shaming men for the crime of acting like a normal boy.  Also, what the hell are you going to use to identify a girl’s bathroom? No matter what, they have to use some kind of stereotype to differentiate girls from boys.  I am saying no to that question.

11. I believe trans people should use whatever bathroom they identify with

If they actually DRESS, sound like, and look like the opposite gender, then by all means, use the other bathroom, I have no problem with them, but just letting ANYONE from any gender use any bathroom is just stupid, any male can go into a female bathroom, and peek on girls there, and who knows, maybe the girls are flirtatious, and would like to be looked at by guys, but generally, not many people like some straight man going into a girl’s bathroom just to see them.  Also, no, there is no such thing as a gender binary, and gender is not a social construct, so all those 9999999999999 genders on tumblr do not apply.  Regardless, I would check yes for the question.

12. I believe it is important to encourage women to negotiate

What the hell is stopping them from doing so beforehand? Of course women should negotiate, and agree on a price to buy stuff, and for their wage when working in a job.  If women do not know how to negotiate, or just do not negotiate, they would probably not get a very good wage when it comes to working in jobs, so I would say yes.

13. I believe jennifer lawrence should get as much as her male costars

The reason she most likely did not get paid as much as her costars is because she did not work as hard, work as long, or a number of other factors, so for this one, I would not check the box.

14.I do not think a movie should be released unless it passes the bechdel test.

Why the hell is the bechdel test so damn important? It is the choice of the movie director if they want to make females do stuff other than talking to each other, or talking to about the main character, I personally love some books/movies/videogames/anime with female mains, as long as it is a good character, and well fleshed out, I am perfectly fine with it, and the gender does not matter.  What I DO NOT LIKE are just some self insert females in the movies just to appeal to the SJW demographic with no good characterization at all, or they just changed a character who was originally male, and they were used to it like that, into female for no good reason.  Perfect example, Link should not be a fucking girl in legend of zelda, in canon, he is a boy, unless you are going to find a way to justify him being a girl, what you are doing is basically saying fuck y0u to the boy link, and forgetting that the canon ever existed, seriously, it makes no sense at all.  Also, remember those romantic comedies that you females love to watch, and are tailored towards girls? THOSE are the movies that normally do not pass the bechdel test, so do not complain to us about those movies not being good, because of the bechdel test, you KNOW that it is not true.  Checking no again for this question.

15. I believe all genders are entitled to the same social, and political rights

I noticed that you never mentioned economic rights, you most likely made a typo though, so I will leave it alone, if you actually meant to say it, then you pretty much acknowledged that the wage gap is not real pretty much contradicting the previous questions you guys have.  I do believe in social, and political rights though.  That means I am a feminist right? Yay! Now I get to write on tumblr about my most useless, and first world problems, blame everything on men, hate on meninism even though it is a fucking parody of feminism, use #killallmen, then just justify it as a “joke” despite not knowing that meninism is a FUCKING PARODY, I get to identify as windowsexual, I get to dye my hair a purple color, and I join the fat acceptance movement!

16. I can fully explain why 78 cents to a dollar is not a fully accurate description of the wage gap

Hold on, did you… did you acknowledge that maybe the wage gap is not real, and you are actually starting to listen to us now? HOLY SHIT! Buzzfeed actually listened to some anti feminists without making fun of them, making misandrist videos about them, or using ad hominem slurs! HALLALUJAH! Maybe they meant to leave out the economic part in the last question, not holding my breath though.  Yes, I can explain why 78 cents to a dollar is not a fully accurate description of the wage gap, because they are taking gender studies, and thus not getting a good job, and they work for much less hours than men, and then they blame it on the patriarchy, hold on.  If the wage gap is real, why are bosses still employing us males? Those buisinesses are kinda obsessed with saving money, so unless the males there are simply much more talented than the females(just because females get much lower expectations for job hiring than men, not saying all females are inherently worse in jobs, that would be stupid), which might actually make some sense, then there is no good reason.

17. I believe that women who possess certain types of privilege are responsible for advocating for women who don’t have their level of privilege.

WHY?!?? Seriously, why? It is NOT someones responsibility to help out women who are not as well off as them simply because of the fact that they are better off than those women, that would be stupid, many females who are really well off are most likely well off because they worked their asses off in really difficult jobs for long hours, and actually got some money for their work to earn it, having to give up all their earnings they worked for just to give it all to the worse off is stupid as hell, they deserved that money.  Now, if you are not poor, because you are lazy, but you are poor, because of multiple barriers, or stuff holding you back, and you cannot get a job, because the jobs are full, then I would be more than happy to support that person, and help him be better off, or at least guide him in the right direction to allow him to be more successful, respect is earned, not given, and again, equality of opportunity focuses on removing the barriers that restrict the poor from being better off economically in the first place.  Point is, it is NOT someone’s RESPONSIBILITY to help out the worse off, you can help them out if you want to, but it is not your obligation to do so.  I really have no idea why so many people hate on the rich so fucking much.

18. If I had a daughter, I would encourage her to be anything she wanted to be.

Refer back to my answer to question 8.  In general, I believe you as a parent should encourage your child to be whatever she wants to be, if she dreams to be an incredibly talented video game designer, manga artist, or anime producer, let her, if she wants to be a banker, an accountant, or work in apple, let her, if she wants to work at a garbage disposal, a farmer, or a sewer worker, let her!!! You as a parent are most likely one of the biggest influences you have on a child besides people you really get to know like teachers, friends, psychologists, and people like that, and the best thing you can do to encourage the child to follow that dream is to help them along the path to becoming successful in their own job, while you are nothing more than a guide to help the child along, and make her own decisions, you are still a huge influence to the child. I sound like a freaking psychologist right now, guess this is what happens when buzzfeed actually asks good, and meaningful questions that are realistic, they get a good, emotional response.

19. I would make it clear to my daughter that your identity is not defined by your relationship status

HOLY FUCK YES! This is probably one of the biggest lessons you can teach a kid, especially with all those “genders” going around in tumblr, them constantly bringing up transgenders, and gays as oppressed people, and constantly bringing up those issues.  The things with transgenders, and gays were never really a big problem until those feminists constantly brought it up in the first place.  I would make it clear to the person that just because you are not normal, and fitting the majority of people who are straight males/females does not mean you are a horrible person, in fact, the reason why they are considered “weird” or not “normal” is because the society is predominately run by heterosexual straight males/females, no one is going to judge you based on your gender, or the fact that you are gay, or a lesbian, especially not in today’s world where they learned to stop judging people, because they are different unless they are some fucking assholes who just want to toy with them, just because they are inferior, in which case, they should be called out on their BS.  Also, teach them that just because they are gay/transgender/lesbian does not means they are special snowflakes, oppressed people, or disadvantaged in society, and that they should not take pride in the fact that they were born a different way, like those feminists are doing this is probably the best thing you can do to stop them from drinking the feminist koolaid later on in life, ironically, answering yes to THAT question would mean that they are NOT a feminist, since feminists treat them like delicate little children who are incredibly oppressed, and need to be coddled, and nurtured constantly, you see, this is the problem with the feminist movement.

20. I believe it is important to compliment a woman’s intelligence over her looks

Alright, I would answer yes to that question buzzfeed, I do believe that.  There is a problem with that question though, how can you tell someone’s intelligence just by looking at them? This is the main fucking reason the people choose to compliment their looks over their intelligence, because they can TELL their look just by seeing them, unless you are a mindreader, you cannot tell someone’s intelligence just through observation, so it is much easier to find out what they look like than how intelligent they are, or how much they know, take it as a compliment if they say you look good, because that is most likely what they meant by that comment.

21. I believe women should have the right to choose what happens to the body.

In general, I would say no just because women can choose whether a baby lives, or dies by something just a simple as an abortion, babies are humans too, and killing babies just because a woman says so is freaking stupid; however, if the woman is smart, and actually has a legitimate reason as to why she wants an abortion such as the fact that they are not ready for it yet, or that they do not want their baby to live the same horrible life they have, then by all means allow them to get an abortion, but otherwise, killing babies just because of a whim is stupid, so I would say no

22. In an instance of sexual assault against a female, I am inclined to believe the assaulted person is telling the truth until proven otherwise.

NO, NO, NO, NO, AND NO!!! If you are a friend, family member, or someone who is acquainted with them, the best thing you can do is believe them, and help them take the first step to helping through their problem, and maybe take them to the police, because that is what they do since they care about the person.  Otherwise, if you are just a stranger who has no idea what the hell even happened, believing the victim just because they say so, and they make a story about how bad it was is the LAST THING THEY WANT TO DO! You should also not believe the victim never got raped, the thing is, something like rape is a very, very hard case to prove, and it is very difficult to know if it actually happened, because you have no actual evidence unless the victim themselves have it, all they have is what the victim says happened, and that is it.  When people are skeptical of it happening, and are taking no sides of the story, that is just because they do not want to start a witch hunt against someone just because the victim said they have done it with no actual evidence, or proof coming out yet, yet not immediately discrediting the victim, they are simply skeptical, and taking no sides until more evidence comes out, that is the beauty of innocent until proven guilty, if you take no sides, you will have no biased view on it, and you will not automatically attack someone, because of it, along with the fact that it is much harder to prove your innocence with guilty until proven innocent compared to innocent until proven guilty.

23. I can explain Marlene Dietrich’s influence on women’s fashion

I do not even know who the hell she is, so that is an automatic no, sorry.

24. I know who a bad feminist is

… Are you serious.  ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS BUZZFEED?!? Yes, of course I know who a bad feminist is, but just putting the extremists off as bad feminists who do not represent the majority in the feminist movement, and not doing anything about them is just stupid.  You wanna know why? Those “bad feminists” ALSO identify as feminists, and also say they fight for equality, and you know what? The male feminists might actually be trying to do just that, because frankly the feminist propoganda, and cult like misinformation  about everything has affected numerous people, and now they start to believe that in order to achieve equality, and help everyone, they need to follow what the propoganda, and the feminist movement BS says, I actually feel bad for the male feminists, because to me, they are more like victims of circumstance, and do not know any better about this kind of stuff than anything, who most likely got guilt tripped into the movement by feminists constantly calling them those ad hominem slurs whenever they disagree with their opinion, and they actually began to believe them, and believe that if they do not join the feminism movement, they really are what the feminists described, part of the point of this blog is convincing people to stop believing what the cult like mentality, and SJW propoganda says, and thus helping them out, because frankly, the feminists DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR MALE ALLIES, when they have done their job, they throw them away like cattle, and maybe I can eventually convince the SJW extremists what they have done wrong. Whether you like it or not though, the female feminists ARE damaging their movement with their methods, the way they just laugh off male problems like they are nothing, ignore male problems entirely, or disrupt any male meeting, or rally, or even attacking someone who calls themselves “egalitarian” instead of a feminist for whatever stupid reason.  Still checking off yes, because I know what a bad feminist is, and I know they are damaging the movement, representing it for everyone else and making it worse for everyone whether they know it or not, and they are constantly changing how society thinks of everyone, and giving women tons of rights males do not have.

25.  I believe that women should be able to dress however they want without it dictating how they are treated by society.

Yes, I DO believe that, so I will check off this yes box.  The thing is, destroying all the gender norms, and convincing them to not act based on how they are born is not the right way to go about it at all, all that does is shame males who want to be masculine, and females who want to act feminine, that is it, and it makes the tomboys, and the boys who wants to act girly much more valuable.  The biggest problem with your stupid feminist BS logic is again shaming men for showing emotions through male tears, giving girls no jail time, or much less jail time than boys for the same crime, and making the girl jails more like safespaces, and you guys constantly attacking our hobbies such as videogames, superheroes, and comic books now.  I feel like I am repeating myself constantly.

26. I have never said that a woman “asked for it”

No, fuck you stupid buzzfeed, you are trying to paint women as those incredibly pure people who can do nothing wrong, and are constantly oppressed, and trying to constantly shame males for everything.  If a woman acts like a bitch, if she gets expelled, or fired from a job from being too bitchy, being too much of a spoiled brat, or acting too childish, or she gets called out on it, then she DOES deserve it, and she did ask for it, because she is making it worse for everyone else, and she is not being productive at all, all she is doing is lowering the quality of whatever she is doing there, and making the place worse, not better.  I know the punishments in those examples may be a bit extreme, but you get my point, if you are acting like a bitch, or a spoiled brat, and you get called out on it, you DID deserve it, and ask for it, and you should own up to that mistake, not cry like a bitch, and cry misogyny every second.  I know I sound incredibly harsh, mean, and sound like an asshole, but that is, because buzzfeed is fucking stupid, and even then, I feel bad for people at times, and when people have horrible stuff happen to them, I WILL help them.

27. I am offended by catcalling

… NO COMMENT.  Seriously, I went over this constantly, being complimented for you looks, or catcalling is a GOOD THING, and I think that is what they were trying to do with that, it gives you more confidence, yes, by doing so, they are focusing more on your looks than anything else about you, but again, the looks are the most obvious thing, and the easiest thing to know about them, so they will naturally comment on your looks first until you show what you are like on the inside, I personally prefer to judge someone by what they are like on the inside compared to what they are like on the outside, but even I admit that I will notice their looks first, unless I am some kind of mindreader which I am not.  Also, the reason why they are complimenting your appearance, and are attracted by it has more to do with biology than anything, and less to do with the “patriarchy,” if you want to blame anything for catcalling, blame biology.  Plus, men do not just like curvy big breasted girls, and hate everyone else, some men have different preferences, and like different things and some simply do not care what the females look like as long as they are a good person.  Either way, NO I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED BY CATCALLING.

28. I don’t think women should get VIP treatment at nightclubs and bars, just for being women.

I agree to that statement.  Guess what though, by agreeing to it, you are saying that you are NOT A FEMINIST, AND AN ANTI FEMINIST, not the other way around, feminists mainly care about elevating women, and giving women more rights by assuming that women are always the victims, and are always oppressed, taking away special treatment, and rights for them so they can be equal to men is the complete opposite of what the feminists are trying to achieve.

29. I think police brutality and its correlation with race is a feminist issue.

NO IT IS NOT, YOU FUCKING MORONS! Not everything is a feminist issue just like how you cannot constantly monopolize equality, and say that if you believe in equality, then you are a feminist, if police brutality got reduced in correlation of race if it ACTUALLY HAPPENED,(which it does not, but I will touch on it later on in my answer) then it does not automatically mean the feminists accomplished it.  Perfect example, when gays got more rights, feminists constantly celebrated saying they did it, and they saved the gays, and then the gays were like “what the fuck were you talking about, you did NOTHING to help us.”  That stupid police brutality in reference to race card is complete BS, about as many white people were killed unarmed as black people.  Also, a lot more white people armed were killed compared to black people.  You wanna know why blacks are constantly getting killed? It is due to blacks murdering their own people due to the messed up culture the blacks have going on back in the ghetto, it says something when blacks have a much lower population compared to whites, yet they commit almost half of the crimes, the police should patrol black neighborhoods to stop all the black killings, and crimes, and solve the problem, so no, policemen are not just killing blacks just because of their skin color, that would be stupid, and the few times it did happen is not representative of everything, and no, it has no correlation with feminists and feminist extremists, because feminist extremists are actually causing problems within feminism, and making lives harder for everyone, those few times a cop killed someone based on race on the other hand were faced with MASSIVE BACKLASH, that should tell you something.  BLM has turned into an Anti cop terrorist organization, and has ignored the real problems with blacks

30. I think we should stop promoting models as the ideal female body type.

Yes, I actually agree with you guys completely for once.  Again though, there is an explanation as to why models are constantly getting promoted, and it has nothing to do with freaking patriarchy, it happens because females constantly look at fashion magazines, and look at the models, and judge them based on how attractive they look, the females THEMSELVES are reinforcing that stereotype, we had no part in it for the most part, and again, men in general again do not judge people based on appearance nearly as much as females judge people, and it is not a generalization, there was statistics proving that.  Also, for the last time, if you want to blame anyone for males liking attractive models, blame biology! I know what you are really trying to do here though, you are saying that people should not judge you based on your weight, and your appearance, because of the fat acceptance movement.  Here is the thing, I personally fucking hate people constantly mocking, making fun of, or being incredibly rude to someone just because of their weight, that is just a dick move, no matter who you talk to, and I personally DESPISED nicole’s dear fat people video for that reason, although she was most likely doing it for attention, views, and shock value, because she is a massive dickbag.  What you need to remember though is that in order to start excercising, and doing better in order to look better, you need some motivation first, and people telling you nicely that you are too fat, and you might need some excercise is not a bad thing at all, it makes you healthier, it makes you feel much better about yourself, it reduces healthcare cost by a huge margin therefore making it better for everyone, and you will not die so quickly, also allowing you to look like the models you so desperately want to achieve even if they constantly hurt you, and devastate you, because you are afraid you will never look like them.

31. I think we should stop photoshopping women’s bodies in the media.

If women want to photoshop to look attractive as hell, and give males erections, I would not blame them for that, and I can see where they are coming from with it.  Here is the thing though, when the women photoshop to get those proportions that NO female will ever achieve no matter how hard they try, all you are doing is giving women unrealistic expectations, and making them feel horrible for not being as attractive as a PHOTOSHOPPED WOMAN.  For this one, you get a yes.

32. I have never called a woman bossy.

Are you guys STILL whining over ban bossy?!? Get over it already! For the last time, bossy is not a gendered term, people do not automatically congratulate men for acting exactly like you do, the reason you get called bossy is because you most likely order everyone around, try to control everything, and their actions, act like a huge bitch in general, and throw a hissy fit if you do not get your own way.  You know what bosses in companies are actually supposed to do? They do NOT act like you control freaks who want to control everything, and have everything your way, that is a horrible boss, a good boss is actually a good leader, cares about his company, and not his ego, help out his workers, increases productivity, works to help out the company, and make it better, and being nice to workers, and congratulating them when they deserve it as well as giving them motivation to work harder to achieve their goals, get more money, manage money well, and further support the company, yet a boss cannot be all kind and soft, sometimes the boss has to discipline workers who are out of line, and is acting horrible, and slacking off constantly, in order to get them to work, if a worker is too out of line, and is simply damaging the company too much, you have to do the tough choice, and fire the person, being a boss is not like a dictator, it is a good leader who actually works to strengthen the company, make the company better, and make sure the workers do their work, and congratulate, and promote them when they do so, and gives the perfect balance between a gentle hand, and some discipline, and motivation to do better when needed.  You women are just bitches, and when you get called out for that, it is usually because you ARE  a bitch, accept it.  I am not checking it off for obvious reasons.

33.I think companies should offer more child-friendly time and programs to women who are having children.

I see where you are going with this question as well, somewhat at least.  The problem with this thing though is that it means that the company has to go out of their way just to give more child friendly time to women, and give programs to help women out, it sounds good in theory, but you cannot just coddle women like children, and go out of their way to just support their children, they also have to manage the company itself, and be a good leader.  The best thing a company can do realistically is allow them to leave work early, and giving them the pay for the amount of hours they worked along with giving them advice for taking care of their child, and helping women out when they have trouble taking care of their child, as well as supporting them.  I am checking no to this question as well.

34. I believe that a woman should be offered the same opportunities for promotion as her male co-workers.

I will check this off, because I truly believe in equality, only problem with this question is that it ASSUMES that females are getting fucked over compared to males in terms of promotions, when it is more likely the same reason as the gender wage gap, they do not work as hard as males, they get worse degrees, they take worse jobs, that kind of stuff, if anything, females actually get promoted FASTER than males, the society kinda heavily favors women, because of this feminism thing.

35. I believe that if a woman wants to pay on a date, her date should let her.

Yes, I really do believe that.  Again though, this proves that you are an anti feminist more than a feminist, feminists constantly rage, and bitch over the fact that they have to pay any amount of money for dinner, and the male split the pay between the two genders, they expect males to pay ALL THE MONEY for dinner, because fuck men right?

36. I believe that women should have easy access to birth control.

To a certain degree, I believe so; however, again, if the woman just wants to kill the child in the womb on a whim, or literally minutes before the child is born, then they should not get birth control, if they want to restrict birth to the child, because they are simply not ready for it, or good reasons like that, and it is an actual reasonable timeframe before the child is born, by all means, give her the birth control, it is all about the context with this kind of stuff.  The women manage to control the life, and death of a newborn baby, so she cannot have all the power in all situations

37. I believe that in a relationship the domestic duties should be shared.

I would say no, but this question actually makes sense.  The reason I say no this time around is because of the fact that men have to slave around in a job for HOURS, and women just has to take care of children, their rush hour happens before the men get to go to work, unless it is a baby, or a young child, then I feel bad for the mom.  Generally though, I think men have worked hard enough for the whole entire day, so the women should mainly do the domestic duties, I am not saying the women are useless though again, men are needed to give enough money to support the family, women need to take care of stuff around the house to make sure the house survives, women cook, takes care of children to allow them to become adult men, or women, and make sure the house is in good condition.  Unless it is the weekends, then both men, and women share the duties.  I definitely can see why people will say yes though, and it is more of a subjective kind of question than anything.

38.I think that a couple should have equal responsibility over the aesthetic and cleanliness of their home.

Read question 37, same answer, same kind of reasoning, it can go both ways, but I would say no again.

39. I believe that men should be encouraged to be involved and make choices in the wedding planning process.

Hold on, only women get involved in weddings, and make the choices? That sounds freaking stupid if it is true, if it is true in the first place, the man should also do its fair share of work when it comes to planning, and deciding what he likes for the wedding, if they both pitch in, they can combine their favorite ideas, and make the perfect wedding both of them enjoy, and it takes much less time as an added bonus.  I would say yes.

40. I believe that men and women have the same emotional strength.

HELL NO! You see, women are expected to show emotions, and can be incredibly emotional, because of that, and is actually encouraged to show emotions, because that is what a normal human being does, so they are never taught, or had to learn to get good emotional strength that men seem to get.  Men are expected to suppress emotions, which can be a very, VERY good thing, especially in logical, professional, or difficult kinds of situations where all emotions will do is make them less logical, and will never allow them to accomplish anything, and make them not incredibly bitchy, and placing logic over facts like the feminists, but you cannot completely suppress emotions, and hold it all in, and not tell anyone your problems, not only will that make you more emotional, make it worse for you and make you break down later on, without emotions during certain other situations, humans cannot accomplish much, humans will be incredibly boring,  and humans will never be good at socializing with others, there is a time, and place to place logic over emotions, and be emotional, and there needs to be a balance, and that is why you need good control over your emotions, and good emotional strength.  The thing is, with men, they often have to find ways to lighten up the situation since they cannot exactly show their emotions, which often comes in the form of humor, which is why men have better emotional strength than women, because they never get much of an opportunity to show emotions unlike women, but having to suppress emotions for men can be just as big of a problem, if not bigger.

41. I do not think that it is the responsibility of a man to protect a woman physically.

Yes, I will agree that it is not the RESPONSIBILITY of a man to physically protect a woman; however, what the fuck is wrong with allowing a person to protect another person? It is simply called being a nice guy, and actually caring for what happens to others lives, and helping them out, being a nice guy should be a basic human trait.  If you hate someone being nice to you, helping you, or protecting you, then there is something seriously wrong here.  I get what you are saying though, you are assuming that the reason the man protects you is because he thinks you are physically weaker, and thus, you should be protected, and helped by the stronger person, I really do not believe that is the case here, I think he is just trying to have basic human decency.  For this one though, I will check off yes, because you said it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the man to protect the woman, which is simply not true, and is a bit extreme.

42. I believe that men and women should be equally encouraged to express their emotions.

BUZZFEED, STOP ASKING THE SAME FUCKING QUESTIONS, BUT WORDING IT DIFFERENTLY! It is freaking annoying, and it is a scumbag thing to do just to fill the spot for 50 questions, I will have to constantly repeat myself, and say the same answer over, and over again, and sometimes, I have to say the same thing literally 3 times at times, it is freaking annoying.  I will say this again though just for emphasis.  Feminists SAY that they believe they want to destroy the male stereotyping, and the toxic masculinity BS, but all they are doing is contributing to the stereotype, and making it worse for other men, and demonizing boys acting like actual boys, and trying to relish in masculine hobbies.  In order to stop the male stereotype, and toxic masculinity, stop demonizing men for everything, use male tears whenever they speak up about something, and constantly assuming they are all violent assholes, PLEASE.  I truly believe that allowing men to show emotions means going AGAINST feminism, because outside of feminism, males can show their true emotions, and talk to people without getting laughed at, getting ad hominem slurs thrown at them, or getting attacked.  Also, feminism is PREVENTING support for males to show their problems, and talk about them, because again, when males try to do that in an SJW rally, the SJW’s always try to censor it, disrupt it, or crash it, it ALWAYS FUCKING HAPPENS.  I will check off this question, because I believe in it, but seriously, fuck you buzzfeed.

43. I have never asked a woman why she does not have children.

I am going to check it off, people should never judge women based on whether they have children, or not, they can choose whether to get married to someone, or not, and live as a single mom, or participate in a lesbian relationship, but I am really starting to doubt that males actually judge you women based on that, unless you are basing your actions from one man, and projecting it to everyone, seriously, where the fuck do those stupid stereotypes come from? They make no sense whatsoever.


44. I would be equally excited to have a son or a daughter.

YES I FUCKING WOULD.  Really, ANYONE would like to be equally excited to have a son, or daughter from what I have seen, where do you guys get all those stereotypes that sons are naturally better valued than daughters in this society, and have all the privileges? If anything, I believe the opposite is true.  Stop with the stupid stereotypes.  Please, if a man just get angry, and destroys the daughter, just, because she was born a girl, then he deserves to get screwed over, and yelled at, but until you actually give me proof that it actually exists, then I do not believe this stereotype, but I will check it off.

45. I think American workplace culture is often not structured in a way that is helpful or encouraging to women succeeding.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! BUZZFEED! For the last time! Women are not getting screwed over in workplaces, there are COUNTLESS women CEO’s, and politicians, the wage gap is not real, women in fact get promoted faster, and get special privileges in work, and now more females are getting hired just because they are female, not because of skill anymore, so if anything, men are getting screwed over there, not to mention that if someone does not like anything you say, and it does not follow the regressive left to the letter, they can fire you, and make you lose your job, and those SJW’s can ruin your reputation, and make you unable to get hired to another job, IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL MALE PRIVILEGE?!? Those stereotypes are completely stupid, nobody wants to fuck over women in workplaces, especially since they are generally favored in society, FUCKING NO ONE believes them buzzfeed, so stop with them.  I am obviously not checking it off.

46. I think women have a responsibility to help and encourage other women to pursue their goals.

For the last time, it is no one’s responsibility to do anything like this in life.  Generally though, while it is nice to encourage women to pursue their goals when they want, they do not have to do it, IT IS NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.  They do not have to do it if they do not want to.  What is with those extreme words, not everything is black, and white you know.  What this FEMINISM movement IS encouraging them to do is continue making them take gender studies, and getting worse jobs, because of it, and then they complain about the wage gap.  I am not checking it off due to stupid fucking wording

47.  I think women are equally capable to men to be the President of the United States.

Yes, I will check this off, because I believe women should be elected to united states just like men… Oh wait… You are promoting hillary clinton aren’t you? REALLY BUZZFEED?!? REALLY? The only thing this bitch has going for her is that she is the first woman president, and she constantly panders, and caters to SJW’s, that is IT.  She is an amoral bitch who never cares for the country at all, she has no emotions at all, and she lies whenever it is convenient for her, and worst of all, she is a CRIMINAL, she is supposed to be in fucking prison, not be the president.  While people may believe that trump is not the best pick, because he is not fit to run the country, and will not do well, I believe he is exactly the kind of person we need, we really need to reform this country, we are fucked over economically, we have very few opportunities to get good jobs, the SJW’s are constantly infesting our country, the illegal immigrants, and muslims will fucking infest the country if we do not put up security to prevent them from coming in, notice I said ILLEGAL, if you prove you are legal, and you have a passport, you are perfectly good to go into our country.  All this stupid SJW movement will do is make us want to vote for trump even more, so good job SJW, you just dug yourself a deep grave.  Really, if the only arguments the people have against trump are his constant ad hominem slurs, referring to hillary, or using incredibly stupid strawmans, then you know that there is no good argument against this guy.  Even if he is not the perfect guy to run the country, and might not be a the best leader, at least he cares about the country, and wants it to do well unlike Hillary, so I would pick him any day over hillary.  I will still say yes there, but that does NOT justify hillary becoming president.

48. I believe that women have no responsibility to make a conscious effort to always be friendly and polite.

There we go with the fucking responsibility again.  Women do not HAVE to be friendly, polite, and actually care about people but it is simply a good thing to do to everyone, and acting like a decent human being is a good rule to live by in life, unless someone acts like a total bitch to you, and is just acting horrible.  Kinda like how you guys are acting… I will check it off, because of the wording though.

49.I have never criticized a woman for not wearing makeup or wearing too much makeup.

AGAIN, the people who mostly judge people on appearance are OTHER women who are constantly gossiping, and looking at magazines such as fashion magazines, and judging them based on looks, men in general do not care too much about how they look, as long as they look good, I really do not care how much fucking makeup they put on.  Yes, I have never judged someone based on makeup, so I am checking that

50. I believe a woman is a woman if that is what she calls herself, regardless of her physical attributes and makeup.

THIS TRANSGENDER SHIT AGAIN?!? I thought this shit died off, guess not.  The problem is not with the transgenders itself, it is you constantly making up all those stupid genders on tumblr, your gender binary bullcrap where you change gender everyday, utterly DESTROYING us if we do not call you by your correct pronoun like the world revolves around you, you guys brought up the issue of transgenders with all your whining about it, look if you actually do look like a female/dress like a female/talk like a female, then I would have no trouble calling you a female, alright? It is that simple, so no I am not checking it.

Alright, let me check out my score to see if I am a feminist

You checked off 25 out of 50 on this list
You are super in-tune with what’s going on in the world-especially when it comes to feminist issues.  Keep doing you, and stay woke.


Wow, I checked off half of them, guess I am maybe somewhat of a feminist? Oh wait, most of the things I checked had to do with terrible fucking wording, blatant stereotypes, things that fit more in line with an ANTI FEMINIST than a feminist, ignoring all the bad parts of the movement, blurring the meaning of the whole fucking movement, and constantly clinging on to the definition, and you guys constantly wording the same question over, and over again.  Fuck you buzzfeed, that quiz was terrible.  The ironic thing is, I think us anti feminists/egalitarians do better on this quiz than the feminists who know nothing about what feminism actually is, anyways, I am never doing something as long, and painful as this again since it literally took 5-6 hours to type my responses, I really need to get some sleep, it is 5 in the morning.  Also, yes, I am informed about what is going on in the world of feminism, and feminist issues buzzfeed, I recognized it is an incredibly cancerous authoritarian movement, and the way to make it better is to take out ALL THE BAD APPLES IN THE MOVEMENT, or better yet, not ally yourself with such a cancerous movement as feminism, and instead join egalitarianism.  Thank you for the compliment buzzfeed.  I also checked out comments from other videos doing similar things, apparently, no matter how high you score, you are considered A FUCKING FEMINIST.  It is just constant SJW propaganda bullshit trying to recruit anyone, and everyone into the movement by saying that everyone is a feminist, sorry, but I am not buying it.

edit:it is 9 PM, and I am finally going to post this after forgetting about it

Why I am not a feminist, and decided to be an egalitarian instead

This youtube video will be discussed in this post, so if you have not watched it yet, please watch it before reading this post:


Hey guys, and welcome to my new blog about anti feminism, I know there are literally more than 200 channels on youtube that go against feminism already, but the feminists constantly cling on to the same myths no matter how many times they have been debunked, and they use the same tried, and true arguments that go against anti feminism, and there is nothing wrong with one more anti feminist blog is there? To begin, I think I should explain my stance on feminism, give my reasons why I am against feminism, debunk some of the common arguments the feminists have, and refute Onision’s feminism is not needed in the western world video like literally 20 youtubers did at this point, because I believe it is a good video to help explain why I am against feminism. You guys might know me as marko polo on youtube, I have been in several debates about feminism already, though not nearly enough to really make a name for myself yet, I would still most likely participate in debates if I am not on this blog, or watching anti feminist videos, so I will still be on youtube constantly. If you guys disagree with whatever I am saying on this blog, feel free to post your criticism in the comments, and I will be more than happy to debate you on those topics. Also, constructive criticism, or pointers is welcome, it only makes my arguments stronger, and improves this blog. Also, if you have seen some of my points before on my debates on youtube, it is not a coincidence, I used some of the same arguments there as well, I just decided to condense all those points into this post to make it easier to find, and understand, and I even copy and pasted part of another comment I made on another debate to support my point here. Now, I believe I have made my introduction to this blog long enough already, so let’s get into my actual arguments against feminism, and yes this is going to be a very long one post, and yes, I have no life, thank you for asking.

Alright, a good place to start is to talk about equality of opportunity VS equality of outcome which the SJW’s support. Equality of opportunity is the idea of giving everyone the opportunity to do whatever they want without any barriers, so any inequalities a male, female, transgender etc. has in equality of opportunity will most likely get removed in the process to allow them to do whatever they want without any repercussions, and giving them the same opportunity to live a good life. Meanwhile, feminists support equality of outcome which is the idea that EVERYONE no matter which job they do, and which social class they have gets the exact same amount of material wealth, and income as everyone else. The obvious problem everyone has with equality of outcome is the fact that it often leads to communism which has NEVER worked in the past, and I still agree with that view; however, I think there is a problem with the idea of equality of outcome itself when compared to equality of opportunity. With equality of outcome, no matter how hard the person works, how long the person works, how educated the person is, or how dedicated the person is at the job, they ALL get the exact same amount of money for the job as a person who did little to no work in an incredibly easy job, that is incredibly stupid, and unfair, and why the hell would the hard worker ever want to continue working in the same job if they just get paid the same amount? With equality of outcome, instead of the lower class being dirt poor, and getting fucked over in society, EVERYONE gets fucked over in society, and no one has the opportunity to have a better life. In a capitalist society like this, when you do jobs, you support your company, and thus, you get money in exchange, because you helped out the company economically, and you can trade that money in multiple places, and when you trade the money with someone else, you support that person economically when you give the money, it really is a pretty good system which encourages people to work, help out, and support the company, and many, many times, those incredibly rich companies, and buisiness owners pay a huge percentage of their money to support everyone, and offers jobs to other people, so they can have the opportunity to be successful themselves. Now, before you say that equality of opportunity will not support the poor, and the idea of equality of outcome is that the poor gets helped out, I firmly believe that equality of opportunity will also really help out the poor, and give them huge advantages to the poor, think about it like this, why would the poor stay poor if they are not simply too lazy to work in a job, and get a good education? Mainly, because there are multiple barriers that prevent the poor from getting a successful job, and living a good life, equality of opportunity aims to help out the poor as well, and allow them to pursue whatever career they want, and give them the opportunity to be more successful in life, and get a better income. Of course, equality of opportunity is not perfect, but so far, it is really the only system that really works out in the end that we came up with so far, humans are naturally selfish creatures, they really want to live a good life, and have a steady income they can give to the next generation, so they can inherit it, which is why equality of outcome will never work. Believe it or not, I am actually a very idealistic kind of person, and I really do wish everyone has the opportunity to live a good life, and I truly believe that the best way of doing that is through equality of opportunity, and in a capitalist society.

Now, let’s talk about the feminism movement itself, the problem with feminism to many people is that they constantly overuse the dictionary definition to cover up all the problems in the movement, and they seem to monopolize the concept of equality, but I believe that the dictionary definition that the feminists themselves use is flawed, and let me explain why. Why don’t we look at the definition of feminism:the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. The keyword in this definition is WOMEN’S RIGHTS, feminism is basically the idea that in order to achieve true equality between men, and women, they just focus on one gender, and ignore the other entirely, which is never how you achieve true equality, even if the female gender has more inequalities than the male gender, you cannot ignore all the problems the males themselves have, if you just focus on the female gender, you will eventually make women the superior gender, and make them the priveleged class, which I believe is currently the case, yet do females worry about, and work on fixing the problems the males have? Nope, the idea of feminism itself is that women are the oppressed race while males have tons of privileges, and are huge victims, so even when women are equal to men, or superior to men, they fight for MORE RIGHTS for women, and find new problems for them. Compare that to the definition of egalitarianism which advocates for fighting for BOTH men, and women, not just one gender. The truth is, feminism does not monopolize the term equality, people can still fight for equality between men, and women, and not agree with the actions, how they go about solving their problems, or the idea of feminism. Now, before you guys say that feminism has done a lot back then to bring females to where they are now, and they should be thankful for it, I agree that first, and second wave feminism was needed, and it did do a good job at elevating women, but here is the problem I have with that logic. While feminism did have some bad apples back during first, and second wave feminism, and their actions might be a bit extreme at times, feminism was arguably needed back then, because women were inferior to men, the problem with feminism is during the third wave of feminism who did NOTHING good to help men out, and only worked on the most trivial of women’s rights, and hating men while ignoring all the problems the men have, even though they were already equal to men in this society before 3rd wave feminism, at least in terms of rights, yes the feminists were helpful, and was arguably needed during first, and second wave, but this is not the first, and second wave movement anymore, it is the third wave movement, and it has now become a horrible movement, and they cannot fall back on the accomplishments from the first and second wave movement to justify the third wave.

Now to debunk Onision’s feminism is not needed in the western world arguments to show why feminism is not needed in the western world, first off, that twitter poll is incredibly biased, it was not a random sample size, it was mostly his fans who voted there, and already believed the stuff Onion boy is saying, and the feminists who voted there most likely voted that they would fight for equality no matter what, even if the actions of the movement prove otherwise, what is even worse is the fact that it said:this poll is for feminists only, which meant that he completely disregarded the opinions the anti feminists can have that can prove that feminism is not about fighting for equality anymore, so he skewed his sample size, and that is why so many voted that feminism is about fighting for equality. Yes, the problem with feminism ARE the extremists, but there is no true way to differentiate the “extremists” from the regular feminists, they still call themselves feminists, and do all those actions in the name of “equality”, and the extremists have a CRAPTON of power in the movement, they can change how people think of us men, they can change tons of women’s rights, and laws, they can use ad hominem slurs, and buzzwords they came up with, or they changed the meaning of to ANY situation to shut out opposing points of views, end debates, and end conversations(toxic masculinity, patriarchy, micro-aggression checking your privilege, cis gendered white males, rape apologist, and assuming we support rape if we are against feminism (LOLOLOLOLOLOL,) homophobic, male tears, mansplaining, #killallmen , and them being sexist, and misogynistic.) They also try to censor people, block people from twitter, prevent people from filming SJW rallies, and whenever we try to talk about out problems as men, they use the ad hominem slurs to shut us up, laugh at us, or use the male tears argument despite the fact that the females SAY that they are against the stereotype that men have to be emotionless(hypocrisy much?) Whenever we try to do men’s rights rallies to disscuss the problems the men have, the females try to disrupt them, crash them, or ruin it, a few examples of that being:when big red, and her group of protesters pulled a fire alarm to disrupt a men’s rights rally talking about suicide, and they had to take it outside, when trigglypuff disrupted the rally with milo, christina, and crowder, carl the cuck, aids skrillex, when someone tried to open the only domestic abuse shelter for males in existence, but constantly got harassed by females, until he got pressured to close down the shelter, and killed himself, when someone tore down posters advertising milo’s rally, and when a female threw a trashcan, and blocked the entrance to milo’s rally. Yet, the moderates(except people like christina hoff sommers, who really are better off being an egalitarian) do nothing to stop the extremists who are ruining the movement for everyone else, and representing the movement for everyone else AT ALL, they just use that stupid no true scotsman fallacy.

Women recently got allowed in the battlefield in the UK, though people are worried that the women might not be up to the standards of the millitary since they are biologically weaker than men, and will thus weaken the entire force, and women most likely would not want to go to war in the first place, women pay more for healthcare, because they live longer than men, they have body parts men do not, they have periods, and pregnancy, and they generally go to the healthcare more than men, it is basic economics. If catcalling is the biggest problem females have in feminism, then it just shows that feminism has gone to hell, and no one worries about a man getting catcalled for whatever reason, many females take them as compliments, and it is most likely supposed to be worded as compliments, since they are basically commenting on how beautiful, and attractive they look. The reason women get paid less for soccer is, because they get less viewers than men, and while female world cup championship was the most watched soccer game, the other games besides the championships were NOT EVEN CLOSE to having as many viewers as the games the men had. There was an update to the tampon/gun confiscation thing, the government apologized for it, said it was a stupid mistake on their part, and were not going to do it again. The reason men get sexual stimulants, and penile implants is because it is just used to get an erection, meanwhile birth control drugs can be the difference between the life, and death of a newborn child, no one would want a new child dead, just because a woman feels like it, which is why we are against abortion, and birth control drugs, if anything, at least put a time limit on how long they can have an abortion during pregnancy, doing an abortion 5 minutes before a baby is born is just stupid. Men actually get raped more than women if we account prison rape, but even without it, the numbers get pretty close. The reason why we slutshame women so much is because women can control whether a baby is born, or not, and can control their genes, if a women has a ton of sexual partners, the baby can have VERY bad genes, and it shows she does not care very much, and has bad standards when it comes to choosing a partner, I personally hate slutshaming, but there IS a reason it exists, and women slutshame themselves more than men do. Tradition is just tradition, there is nothing wrong with it, and there is no need to change it, it is a nice thing to have, and quite a few women broke the tradition, some women do walk the man down the aisle, and the man asks the mother for permission. While the bible has some fucked up shit in there, no one follows the bible to the letter, and just does whatever the bible says, especially not in today’s world, many religious people who do so just select some verses they follow themselves, but you know who does follow their religious text to the letter? MUSLIMS! Onision, I will not admit my defeat in the comments, because you have not rekt me, and you have just further proven why feminism is not needed in the western world, you have just rekt yourself.

Now, let’s talk about the muslim world, or the middle east, the muslims are treating the women HORRIBLE in there, so feminism is needed(they actually treat both men, and women like shit in there, so there really needs to be a liberation kind of movement, or a freedom one, but feminism can help the women,) but the feminists actually SUPPORT the actions of the muslims in the middle east, despite the fact that the muslim holy text contains some incredibly fucked up shit in there, and life in the muslim world is TERRIBLE, along with the fact that the muslims have done so much shit to other countries, yet when we voice those concerns, we are called “Islamophobic.” Stereotypes like the fact that muslims are terrorists exist for a reason, because they often are patterns we find from the group, and they often come from truth. The sad truth is, we need more security to protect our country, and stop the muslims from invading our country, if a moderate muslim who wants to help us, just do his own thing, or is there for personal reasons want to come to our country, they are more than welcome to come into our country as long as they show some identfication, and prove they are not a dangerous threat. While the problem with the muslims are the extremists, the moderates actually SUPPORT, or defend the extremists technically by making the religion, and the quran, look much better than it actually is, or just say that we are “disrespecting” the muslims despite the fact that respect is earned, not given like free candy, and ignore the problem with islam in general. When we do make a video criticizing islam, they try to censor us, dislike bomb us, or post incredibly immature, and hateful comments on there further proving that Islam is a horrible religion. Why the hell are the feminists defending islam, when the muslim world is treating the women like trash? Seriously, I thought feminism was about equality, and helping women out by removing all their inequalities.

Now, you guys might say that the reason they never focus on us men is because we have so few problems compared to the women, and thus, we are incredibly privileged, and have all the rights, and all you females are oppressed, well, I believe that men are being oppressed here actually, and women are superior, because of the movement, allow me to list all the rights women have that men do not. Something that no one complains, or cares about if something bad happens to males suddenly becomes the biggest problem ever, and a sign of oppresion, and misogyny if it happens to women, perfect example being rape when it happens to men, females just laugh at them, and disregard it entirely, think it is not traumatic, and think it is not even possible, meanwhile females make a big fuss about it, and females can constantly taunt, and screw over men, but when they were going to get hit by men, the females say that they cannot hit them, because “you cannot hit a women,” and when we call out on their BS, they play it like a victim, and call misogyny, and they go away scot free, male suicide rates are higher than female suicide rates, females get MUCH shorter jail time, and now Australia is planning on closing ALL female prisons(which are more like safe spaces in the first place,) and says that females deserve 75% less punishment for the same crime compared to a man, females get special privileges in workplaces, females are bigger aggressors in violent relationships than men, females are seen as much more valuable than males, and get favored heavily in society, females are much more easily accepted into colleges who now teach SJW propaganda a lot of the time, women get complimented for being perverted, while men get trashed at despite women being as perverted as men they constantly believe women are these pure angels who cannot do anything wrong, and everything is the fault of men, especially MRA’s who oppress them, and they all deserve to die, and they all deserve to be made fun of, women themselves slutshame themselves more than men do, yet we constantly get blamed for it, everyone believes a female when they do a rape charge against men(I am not saying that you should immediately not believe a female whenever they make a rape charge, or allegation, I am saying that the best thing to do is to be skeptical, and take no sides until more evidence, or proof comes out, innocent until proven guilty is a really good system, because people will not start witch hunts against accusors just because of something they heard from a female, and you don’t have to prove your innocence which is REALLY difficult to do, and I believe reporting to the police is the best thing to do rather than posting about it online, and inciting a hate mob, and witch hunt), and it can RUIN a males life forever, even if he is proven innocent(men can still be arrested for the crime even if he is innocent, while women get away scot free most of the time, if not that, then they will be known as a pariah in society, and no one would want to associate with them, along with the fact that he will be fucked over when it comes to jobs forever, and SJW tards protest whenever a false rape suspect was found to be not guilty, because it does not fit their victim narrative) if they want to fuck over a male for whatever reason, and it destroys the innocent until proven guilty system, just look at the tobyturner scandal, males are also bigger victims of violent crime INCLUDING rape than women, males are constantly told their problems do not matter, and no one cares if they get abused by women(or they get arrested, because of it,) or get objectified, males have their penises mutilated at birth. Also, the wage gap does not exist, women simply try to get the easy way out in college by taking gender studies, and when they find out they do not have much options in terms of career with a gender studies degree, they complain that they do not make as much as men, and women take more time off work for maternal leave, for pregnancy, or to take care of children, which is not really their fault, but still. People also do not employ people in jobs based on skill anymore for the most part, they employ people based on whether they are male, or female to fulfill a “quota”, and now females are favored in stem research 2:1, and women have much lower requirements for jobs than males, which just increases mediocrity for everyone, and makes the company worse off in the end.

Men also have to go to work, and pretty much have to go through hell every day unless it is the weekends in jobs, and take much more dangerous, and dirty jobs in general, while women get to stay at home, and not do much except take care of kids since they are the assumed caregivers(I KNOW that kids need to be taken care of in the family, and household, after all, that allows them to grow into men, or women who gets to help out, and support the family even more by working at jobs to give them money, and taking care of the next generation respectively, so women are kinda needed around the house, but that is beside the point) but still which one sounds more appealing to you? There are so many cases of women CONSTANTLY divorcing men, and screwing them over, and most likely screwing over their children by being a single mother. Women can also control who lives, and dies, and has multiple drugs that can control their birth. Boys can also never act like boys, because of feminism now, because in feminism, acting like a boy, and doing traditional stuff a boy does is LOOKED DOWN UPON, and the only couple things we have left, videogames, and watching superheroes, and reading about them are now also attacked by feminists, and now we cannot even enjoy that anymore. Men are also constantly taught, and pressured to not show their emotions, and when feminists constantly shut down any men, and blame men for everything, not allowing them to speak up, and using male tears when they do speak up, along with the fact that people keep saying that boys do not cry, and they need to man up, it only reinforces the stereotype, it is also most likely why men are funnier than women in general since a lot of the time, humor is used to make light of horrible situations happening to them, and to lessen the severity of them, humor can be pretty dark at times. Females get tons of abortion rights unlike males. Males can get kicked out of jobs, expelled from school, get censored, make them look like the worst people ever, socially ostracize them, or even get arrested if they do not follow the regressive left to the letter. Males are constantly stereotyped to be incredibly violent, and aggressive people while females are also very, very violent at times, and females show their aggression more so with gossip, talking behind men’s backs, and planting rumors about them, and making them look horrible, so I believe females are even worse about the problem than men, the toxic masculinaty BS does not exist at all, in fact violence is constantly looked down upon in society, if you act too rambunctious in class, you can get suspended, teachers constantly hate any rough housing, or kinds of wrestling even between friends, and teachers are afraid of any PERCEIVED threat of violence, such as an imaginary gun, or playing cops, and robbers. Males have to fight in the army to vote, but recently, the women got the draft as well, and now they have to go through the horrors of wartime as well as men. There are much more homeless men than women. As for domestic violence, statistics actually show that men get as much domestic abuse as women. and male domestic violence does not get reported nearly as much as female for a number of major reasons: men are not nearly as emotional as women, domestic violence against men are not nearly as recognized as domestic violence against women, males get judged for not being manly enough, and for allowing them to get beaten by women, while feminists laugh at men when they state any of their problems, also, women tend to avoid arrest much more than men do, but even if the domestic abuse statistics are correct, it is still a huge number. Men can be forced into parenthood without their consent even if a female rapes a male, and gets pregnant because of that, and the men still has to pay for the child, and can still be sued for child custody while women can opt out of parenthood, men rarely win child custody, men make up 95% of workplace deaths. Females also get tons of help for their problems, and have tons of shelters focusing on helping them from their problems, males have NONE of that. Meanwhile, women are complaining about eggplant emojis, sexist air conditioning, the wage gap, ban bossy, emojis not representing them properly, manspreading, institutionalized sexism, biology being sexist, toys being sexist despite the fact that it is mainly for marketing reasons, the market mainly sells these kinds of toys to males, and females, because statistics show that boys, and girls favor those kinds of toys, and catcalling despite women constantly gossiping, and talking about males behind their back, and how attractive they are.

Finally, feminism has made men afraid to date, start a relationship with, marry, or even FLIRT with a female, in fear of what the females might do back to them, because of feminism, and with that, they also destroy traditional families. Third wave feminism has done a lot of horrible shit, and is ruining it for men, and even women not involved with the movement, and the moderates by painting all of them in a bad light, and its real goal is to control everyone, and censor them, or screw them over if they do not follow the ideas of the regressive left, or follow their victim culture, modern feminism really is a cancerous movement that is ruining society, and I think egalitarianism is a much better option, no matter how many times the feminists shove the dictionary definition down our throats, and say that everyone who believes in equality are feminists while bashing everyone calling themselves an egalitarian. Fuck feminism.