Hey guys, and welcome to my blog.  This is my place where I get to share my thoughts about feminism, what it has become, new stuff about feminism, or “issues” that feminists have to deal with, and hopefully help out, teach the SJW’s what the SJW movement really is about, and hopefully make them leave the cancerous movement that is feminism, or BLM, or fat acceptance, or whatever other movements there are when I am not debating others on youtube comment sections as marko polo, or watching feminist roast videos on youtube, and show how a cis gendered white male privileged scum egalitarian views feminism, feel free to debate me, or criticize me if you do not agree with any part of my blog, you are more than welcome to do so.  I made this blog in order to share my true thoughts on the SJW movement, without my personality, and debating in youtube comments where a lot of my points are scattered through multiple comments.  How it works in this blog is that I am usually a pretty nice, and respectful guy here, because I truly believe the best way to talk to them is to reason with them, which carries over to my blog posts, and debating, unless you become a huge asshole, or just a troll, then the gloves come off, and I will be an asshole, or just feed the troll, because it is fun as hell to do, it is that simple, that’s right SJW’s, you will have to learn to actually be respectful here.  While a lot of my posts are targeted at the big SJW’s (anita sarkeesian, cancerfeed, huffington post, the guardian, the young turks, onision, and MTV,) I am not afraid to target the smaller, and less well known SJW’s, and I will frequently do so, I even dabble into politics, and islam quite a bit in this blog, and let me make this clear right now, I am not strictly conservative, or liberal in politics, I simply choose the president that agrees the most with how I want the country to be run, and on certain issues, I may even agree with the liberals when it deals with certain issues, and I will fully admit that, it just so happens that it is usually a conservative president, especially since the liberal party usually focuses on SJW’s, and you know how much I dislike them by now, so people might think of me as a conservative leaning person, I am not, hillary is just the worst kind of person to be president in this country.  BTW, if you are interested in the who the person in the picture on my profile is, it is yuri lowell from a game called Tales of Vesperia.