After 2 days, I have returned after I realized I forgot to talk about anything  political that has to do with the US election officially, which is stupid, especially with the election being a few months away, the first 2 blog posts covered the feminism movement for the most part, I am going to change that, and yes, I KNOW it said anti feminist blog on the title, I should really change that, because I also talk about BLM, political stuff, and SJW, and Liberal BS in general here, ignore the title for now.  The left has so many double standards, it is fucking ridiculous, the left has committed so much horrible shit, and gets away with it, yet when just ONE right person does the same thing, it is made as an example to the whole entire regressive left, and the entire right wing should be constantly guilt tripped, and be felt responsible for something one right wing did, and voting for donald trump would be disgracing the memory of something ONE RIGHT WING DID, and siding with the actions of that person.  I touched on this issue a few times on my first 2 posts, but I feel that this deserves its own separate blog post.  Remember when someone tried to assassinate trump? NO ONE cared about that, and they just pushed it off like it is nothing, yet when the right wing does something much smaller than that, but still bad, suddenly, he is hitler, and he is an extremist who sets an example for the entire right.  Remember the gay nightclub shooter? Everyone thought it was a horrible event, and they commemorated it, and he was a registered muslim, and a democrat who supported hillary clinton, yet the left did not feel incredibly guilt tripped over him, and feel responsible, and feel like the whole party deserves blame just because of this guy, when the right does something like this, it would be an entirely different story, and if we tried to voice our position that maybe the muslims might be a problem considering how horrible the quran is, their habit of following it to the letter(really, that is one of the main differences between Islam, and christianity, though not the only one, and the main reason why they committed horrible shit, while christians do not, the bible easily has some incredibly horrible actions, and bad stuff in there, yet the christians do not follow it to the letter, they choose parts they like, and follow their teachings based on them, muslims follow the quran to the letter,) how horrible EVERYONE is treated there, both males and females have horrible lives there, especially gays, if you do not follow islam to the letter, you would be as good as dead, the moderates support islam by using the quran to TRY to disprove it is so horrible by cherry picking parts, and making the quran look much better than it is, and constantly say that Islam is the “religion of peace” despite tons of evidence pointing to the contrary, say that they are disrespecting islam by opposing them, and ignoring the real problem at hand, and then when we criticize islam, they try to censor, and false flag us, post incredibly hateful, and immature comments, and dislike bomb the fuck out of it.  After all that, the left STILL calls us ISLAMOPHOBIC, which would imply that there is an irrational fear of islam, and that there really is nothing bad about islam, the truth is, the muslim world is flawed, and we need to improve it somehow, and set up borders into our country to prevent the extremists from coming in, while allowing legal muslims to enter our country.  The left has also committed multiple violent actions, and yet it gets ignored.  Feminism, and the BLM movement are also pretty extreme examples, if we ever talk bad about feminism, they point us to the dictionary definition that talks about striving for equality by focusing only on WOMEN’S RIGHTS, I already touched on how this is a stupid idea, and how the females are now incredibly privileged compared to males, because of the movement, so I will not talk about it again.  They disregard the extremists as “not true feminists,” despite the fact that they CALL THEMSELVES FEMINISTS, and say that they do fight for equality while doing all that horrible shit, so it is insanely hard to tell them apart, and poisoning, and misrepresenting the feminist movement for everyone else, the feminists are doing nothing about them.  The exact same thing goes for BLM, just replace females with blacks, and replace them fighting against men with killing police just for the murder of one black, already touched on how that is BS on one of the questions on the buzzfeed quiz, so I will not touch on that here, and I will most likely discuss the issue again when I formerly talk about the BLM movement sometime soon.

Want to know why the left keeps getting away with all this? It is, because the left, and the biased media news outlets has brainwashed the masses, and put it into their head that the SJW’s, and left are the good, true saviors who is incredibly compassionate, cares about everyone, and can do nothing wrong, while the right are those evil authoritarian guys who will try to control everyone, is incredibly racist, and support someone who is literally hitler.  The left is censoring any unwanted opinions, and using those stupid buzzwords, and insanely stupid strawmans to shut down any opposition, and make us look horrible, by calling any criticism against the left “harassment”.  The EXACT OPPOSITE of what the left is claiming is true, seriously, think about it.  The left has done MUCH MORE criminal shit than the right, yet they get away with it, and people believe the LEFT are the good guys by filling the heads of the people with lies, and BS propoganda, the rights are the true moderates if we add up all the actions.  To put the icing on the top of this sundae, the left wants equality of outcome, and basically communism, not equality of opportunity, and I already covered my problem with equality of outcome on my first post.  Now, I am NOT a pure conservative, I just choose the president, and the policies, that I agree with the most, that is it, I might even agree with some of the liberal policies, it is just that right now, the liberal movement is completely fucked, and taken over by SJW fucktards who want to control everything.  Not only is the president who supports the regressive an amoral, psychopathic bitch who will constantly lie to save her own skin, is a criminal who should be put in JAIL, and does not give a damn about the country, or the people at all, while constantly pandering to the SJW’s despite her actions showing the complete opposite of that, and abusing the fact that she is the first woman president, the people on the left are also cancerous.  Seriously, at this point, TRUMP is a better candidate for the SJW’s than hillary is despite him openly saying that he hates multiple actions of the SJW’s on numerous occasions, because he might actually make laws that support women, and blacks when they need it, the left has been fed a lie by hillary, and they took it hook, line, and sinker.  While the fact that people are afraid that trump might be a bad president, and leader is valid, I believe he is just what we need as a president, and even so, I would pick him any day over hillary, because at least he cares about the country, and people, wants to support the country, and has basic empathy.  Hillary is a VERY good politician, knows her way around politics, and knows her way around being a president, but she will not get my vote, because she simply does not care.  If trump ever needs help, and support as a president, he can call his cabinet to help out when needed, and I believe the fact that he is an economist is a good thing, because that means he knows his way around money, and how to manage it, and can help get our economy back up, and it is pretty obvious by now that he cares, and knows about more stuff than just economics, even if he is not as knowledgeable politically as Hillary .  The main stance on the left is that they are incredibly idealistic people who cares about everyone, I am also incredibly idealistic, and care about people, I am just more practical about it, so if you are not going to listen to the other conservatives, at least listen to me, and consider my viewpoint.


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