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Hey guys, and welcome to my new blog about anti feminism, I know there are literally more than 200 channels on youtube that go against feminism already, but the feminists constantly cling on to the same myths no matter how many times they have been debunked, and they use the same tried, and true arguments that go against anti feminism, and there is nothing wrong with one more anti feminist blog is there? To begin, I think I should explain my stance on feminism, give my reasons why I am against feminism, debunk some of the common arguments the feminists have, and refute Onision’s feminism is not needed in the western world video like literally 20 youtubers did at this point, because I believe it is a good video to help explain why I am against feminism. You guys might know me as marko polo on youtube, I have been in several debates about feminism already, though not nearly enough to really make a name for myself yet, I would still most likely participate in debates if I am not on this blog, or watching anti feminist videos, so I will still be on youtube constantly. If you guys disagree with whatever I am saying on this blog, feel free to post your criticism in the comments, and I will be more than happy to debate you on those topics. Also, constructive criticism, or pointers is welcome, it only makes my arguments stronger, and improves this blog. Also, if you have seen some of my points before on my debates on youtube, it is not a coincidence, I used some of the same arguments there as well, I just decided to condense all those points into this post to make it easier to find, and understand, and I even copy and pasted part of another comment I made on another debate to support my point here. Now, I believe I have made my introduction to this blog long enough already, so let’s get into my actual arguments against feminism, and yes this is going to be a very long one post, and yes, I have no life, thank you for asking.

Alright, a good place to start is to talk about equality of opportunity VS equality of outcome which the SJW’s support. Equality of opportunity is the idea of giving everyone the opportunity to do whatever they want without any barriers, so any inequalities a male, female, transgender etc. has in equality of opportunity will most likely get removed in the process to allow them to do whatever they want without any repercussions, and giving them the same opportunity to live a good life. Meanwhile, feminists support equality of outcome which is the idea that EVERYONE no matter which job they do, and which social class they have gets the exact same amount of material wealth, and income as everyone else. The obvious problem everyone has with equality of outcome is the fact that it often leads to communism which has NEVER worked in the past, and I still agree with that view; however, I think there is a problem with the idea of equality of outcome itself when compared to equality of opportunity. With equality of outcome, no matter how hard the person works, how long the person works, how educated the person is, or how dedicated the person is at the job, they ALL get the exact same amount of money for the job as a person who did little to no work in an incredibly easy job, that is incredibly stupid, and unfair, and why the hell would the hard worker ever want to continue working in the same job if they just get paid the same amount? With equality of outcome, instead of the lower class being dirt poor, and getting fucked over in society, EVERYONE gets fucked over in society, and no one has the opportunity to have a better life. In a capitalist society like this, when you do jobs, you support your company, and thus, you get money in exchange, because you helped out the company economically, and you can trade that money in multiple places, and when you trade the money with someone else, you support that person economically when you give the money, it really is a pretty good system which encourages people to work, help out, and support the company, and many, many times, those incredibly rich companies, and buisiness owners pay a huge percentage of their money to support everyone, and offers jobs to other people, so they can have the opportunity to be successful themselves. Now, before you say that equality of opportunity will not support the poor, and the idea of equality of outcome is that the poor gets helped out, I firmly believe that equality of opportunity will also really help out the poor, and give them huge advantages to the poor, think about it like this, why would the poor stay poor if they are not simply too lazy to work in a job, and get a good education? Mainly, because there are multiple barriers that prevent the poor from getting a successful job, and living a good life, equality of opportunity aims to help out the poor as well, and allow them to pursue whatever career they want, and give them the opportunity to be more successful in life, and get a better income. Of course, equality of opportunity is not perfect, but so far, it is really the only system that really works out in the end that we came up with so far, humans are naturally selfish creatures, they really want to live a good life, and have a steady income they can give to the next generation, so they can inherit it, which is why equality of outcome will never work. Believe it or not, I am actually a very idealistic kind of person, and I really do wish everyone has the opportunity to live a good life, and I truly believe that the best way of doing that is through equality of opportunity, and in a capitalist society.

Now, let’s talk about the feminism movement itself, the problem with feminism to many people is that they constantly overuse the dictionary definition to cover up all the problems in the movement, and they seem to monopolize the concept of equality, but I believe that the dictionary definition that the feminists themselves use is flawed, and let me explain why. Why don’t we look at the definition of feminism:the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. The keyword in this definition is WOMEN’S RIGHTS, feminism is basically the idea that in order to achieve true equality between men, and women, they just focus on one gender, and ignore the other entirely, which is never how you achieve true equality, even if the female gender has more inequalities than the male gender, you cannot ignore all the problems the males themselves have, if you just focus on the female gender, you will eventually make women the superior gender, and make them the priveleged class, which I believe is currently the case, yet do females worry about, and work on fixing the problems the males have? Nope, the idea of feminism itself is that women are the oppressed race while males have tons of privileges, and are huge victims, so even when women are equal to men, or superior to men, they fight for MORE RIGHTS for women, and find new problems for them. Compare that to the definition of egalitarianism which advocates for fighting for BOTH men, and women, not just one gender. The truth is, feminism does not monopolize the term equality, people can still fight for equality between men, and women, and not agree with the actions, how they go about solving their problems, or the idea of feminism. Now, before you guys say that feminism has done a lot back then to bring females to where they are now, and they should be thankful for it, I agree that first, and second wave feminism was needed, and it did do a good job at elevating women, but here is the problem I have with that logic. While feminism did have some bad apples back during first, and second wave feminism, and their actions might be a bit extreme at times, feminism was arguably needed back then, because women were inferior to men, the problem with feminism is during the third wave of feminism who did NOTHING good to help men out, and only worked on the most trivial of women’s rights, and hating men while ignoring all the problems the men have, even though they were already equal to men in this society before 3rd wave feminism, at least in terms of rights, yes the feminists were helpful, and was arguably needed during first, and second wave, but this is not the first, and second wave movement anymore, it is the third wave movement, and it has now become a horrible movement, and they cannot fall back on the accomplishments from the first and second wave movement to justify the third wave.

Now to debunk Onision’s feminism is not needed in the western world arguments to show why feminism is not needed in the western world, first off, that twitter poll is incredibly biased, it was not a random sample size, it was mostly his fans who voted there, and already believed the stuff Onion boy is saying, and the feminists who voted there most likely voted that they would fight for equality no matter what, even if the actions of the movement prove otherwise, what is even worse is the fact that it said:this poll is for feminists only, which meant that he completely disregarded the opinions the anti feminists can have that can prove that feminism is not about fighting for equality anymore, so he skewed his sample size, and that is why so many voted that feminism is about fighting for equality. Yes, the problem with feminism ARE the extremists, but there is no true way to differentiate the “extremists” from the regular feminists, they still call themselves feminists, and do all those actions in the name of “equality”, and the extremists have a CRAPTON of power in the movement, they can change how people think of us men, they can change tons of women’s rights, and laws, they can use ad hominem slurs, and buzzwords they came up with, or they changed the meaning of to ANY situation to shut out opposing points of views, end debates, and end conversations(toxic masculinity, patriarchy, micro-aggression checking your privilege, cis gendered white males, rape apologist, and assuming we support rape if we are against feminism (LOLOLOLOLOLOL,) homophobic, male tears, mansplaining, #killallmen , and them being sexist, and misogynistic.) They also try to censor people, block people from twitter, prevent people from filming SJW rallies, and whenever we try to talk about out problems as men, they use the ad hominem slurs to shut us up, laugh at us, or use the male tears argument despite the fact that the females SAY that they are against the stereotype that men have to be emotionless(hypocrisy much?) Whenever we try to do men’s rights rallies to disscuss the problems the men have, the females try to disrupt them, crash them, or ruin it, a few examples of that being:when big red, and her group of protesters pulled a fire alarm to disrupt a men’s rights rally talking about suicide, and they had to take it outside, when trigglypuff disrupted the rally with milo, christina, and crowder, carl the cuck, aids skrillex, when someone tried to open the only domestic abuse shelter for males in existence, but constantly got harassed by females, until he got pressured to close down the shelter, and killed himself, when someone tore down posters advertising milo’s rally, and when a female threw a trashcan, and blocked the entrance to milo’s rally. Yet, the moderates(except people like christina hoff sommers, who really are better off being an egalitarian) do nothing to stop the extremists who are ruining the movement for everyone else, and representing the movement for everyone else AT ALL, they just use that stupid no true scotsman fallacy.

Women recently got allowed in the battlefield in the UK, though people are worried that the women might not be up to the standards of the millitary since they are biologically weaker than men, and will thus weaken the entire force, and women most likely would not want to go to war in the first place, women pay more for healthcare, because they live longer than men, they have body parts men do not, they have periods, and pregnancy, and they generally go to the healthcare more than men, it is basic economics. If catcalling is the biggest problem females have in feminism, then it just shows that feminism has gone to hell, and no one worries about a man getting catcalled for whatever reason, many females take them as compliments, and it is most likely supposed to be worded as compliments, since they are basically commenting on how beautiful, and attractive they look. The reason women get paid less for soccer is, because they get less viewers than men, and while female world cup championship was the most watched soccer game, the other games besides the championships were NOT EVEN CLOSE to having as many viewers as the games the men had. There was an update to the tampon/gun confiscation thing, the government apologized for it, said it was a stupid mistake on their part, and were not going to do it again. The reason men get sexual stimulants, and penile implants is because it is just used to get an erection, meanwhile birth control drugs can be the difference between the life, and death of a newborn child, no one would want a new child dead, just because a woman feels like it, which is why we are against abortion, and birth control drugs, if anything, at least put a time limit on how long they can have an abortion during pregnancy, doing an abortion 5 minutes before a baby is born is just stupid. Men actually get raped more than women if we account prison rape, but even without it, the numbers get pretty close. The reason why we slutshame women so much is because women can control whether a baby is born, or not, and can control their genes, if a women has a ton of sexual partners, the baby can have VERY bad genes, and it shows she does not care very much, and has bad standards when it comes to choosing a partner, I personally hate slutshaming, but there IS a reason it exists, and women slutshame themselves more than men do. Tradition is just tradition, there is nothing wrong with it, and there is no need to change it, it is a nice thing to have, and quite a few women broke the tradition, some women do walk the man down the aisle, and the man asks the mother for permission. While the bible has some fucked up shit in there, no one follows the bible to the letter, and just does whatever the bible says, especially not in today’s world, many religious people who do so just select some verses they follow themselves, but you know who does follow their religious text to the letter? MUSLIMS! Onision, I will not admit my defeat in the comments, because you have not rekt me, and you have just further proven why feminism is not needed in the western world, you have just rekt yourself.

Now, let’s talk about the muslim world, or the middle east, the muslims are treating the women HORRIBLE in there, so feminism is needed(they actually treat both men, and women like shit in there, so there really needs to be a liberation kind of movement, or a freedom one, but feminism can help the women,) but the feminists actually SUPPORT the actions of the muslims in the middle east, despite the fact that the muslim holy text contains some incredibly fucked up shit in there, and life in the muslim world is TERRIBLE, along with the fact that the muslims have done so much shit to other countries, yet when we voice those concerns, we are called “Islamophobic.” Stereotypes like the fact that muslims are terrorists exist for a reason, because they often are patterns we find from the group, and they often come from truth. The sad truth is, we need more security to protect our country, and stop the muslims from invading our country, if a moderate muslim who wants to help us, just do his own thing, or is there for personal reasons want to come to our country, they are more than welcome to come into our country as long as they show some identfication, and prove they are not a dangerous threat. While the problem with the muslims are the extremists, the moderates actually SUPPORT, or defend the extremists technically by making the religion, and the quran, look much better than it actually is, or just say that we are “disrespecting” the muslims despite the fact that respect is earned, not given like free candy, and ignore the problem with islam in general. When we do make a video criticizing islam, they try to censor us, dislike bomb us, or post incredibly immature, and hateful comments on there further proving that Islam is a horrible religion. Why the hell are the feminists defending islam, when the muslim world is treating the women like trash? Seriously, I thought feminism was about equality, and helping women out by removing all their inequalities.

Now, you guys might say that the reason they never focus on us men is because we have so few problems compared to the women, and thus, we are incredibly privileged, and have all the rights, and all you females are oppressed, well, I believe that men are being oppressed here actually, and women are superior, because of the movement, allow me to list all the rights women have that men do not. Something that no one complains, or cares about if something bad happens to males suddenly becomes the biggest problem ever, and a sign of oppresion, and misogyny if it happens to women, perfect example being rape when it happens to men, females just laugh at them, and disregard it entirely, think it is not traumatic, and think it is not even possible, meanwhile females make a big fuss about it, and females can constantly taunt, and screw over men, but when they were going to get hit by men, the females say that they cannot hit them, because “you cannot hit a women,” and when we call out on their BS, they play it like a victim, and call misogyny, and they go away scot free, male suicide rates are higher than female suicide rates, females get MUCH shorter jail time, and now Australia is planning on closing ALL female prisons(which are more like safe spaces in the first place,) and says that females deserve 75% less punishment for the same crime compared to a man, females get special privileges in workplaces, females are bigger aggressors in violent relationships than men, females are seen as much more valuable than males, and get favored heavily in society, females are much more easily accepted into colleges who now teach SJW propaganda a lot of the time, women get complimented for being perverted, while men get trashed at despite women being as perverted as men they constantly believe women are these pure angels who cannot do anything wrong, and everything is the fault of men, especially MRA’s who oppress them, and they all deserve to die, and they all deserve to be made fun of, women themselves slutshame themselves more than men do, yet we constantly get blamed for it, everyone believes a female when they do a rape charge against men(I am not saying that you should immediately not believe a female whenever they make a rape charge, or allegation, I am saying that the best thing to do is to be skeptical, and take no sides until more evidence, or proof comes out, innocent until proven guilty is a really good system, because people will not start witch hunts against accusors just because of something they heard from a female, and you don’t have to prove your innocence which is REALLY difficult to do, and I believe reporting to the police is the best thing to do rather than posting about it online, and inciting a hate mob, and witch hunt), and it can RUIN a males life forever, even if he is proven innocent(men can still be arrested for the crime even if he is innocent, while women get away scot free most of the time, if not that, then they will be known as a pariah in society, and no one would want to associate with them, along with the fact that he will be fucked over when it comes to jobs forever, and SJW tards protest whenever a false rape suspect was found to be not guilty, because it does not fit their victim narrative) if they want to fuck over a male for whatever reason, and it destroys the innocent until proven guilty system, just look at the tobyturner scandal, males are also bigger victims of violent crime INCLUDING rape than women, males are constantly told their problems do not matter, and no one cares if they get abused by women(or they get arrested, because of it,) or get objectified, males have their penises mutilated at birth. Also, the wage gap does not exist, women simply try to get the easy way out in college by taking gender studies, and when they find out they do not have much options in terms of career with a gender studies degree, they complain that they do not make as much as men, and women take more time off work for maternal leave, for pregnancy, or to take care of children, which is not really their fault, but still. People also do not employ people in jobs based on skill anymore for the most part, they employ people based on whether they are male, or female to fulfill a “quota”, and now females are favored in stem research 2:1, and women have much lower requirements for jobs than males, which just increases mediocrity for everyone, and makes the company worse off in the end.

Men also have to go to work, and pretty much have to go through hell every day unless it is the weekends in jobs, and take much more dangerous, and dirty jobs in general, while women get to stay at home, and not do much except take care of kids since they are the assumed caregivers(I KNOW that kids need to be taken care of in the family, and household, after all, that allows them to grow into men, or women who gets to help out, and support the family even more by working at jobs to give them money, and taking care of the next generation respectively, so women are kinda needed around the house, but that is beside the point) but still which one sounds more appealing to you? There are so many cases of women CONSTANTLY divorcing men, and screwing them over, and most likely screwing over their children by being a single mother. Women can also control who lives, and dies, and has multiple drugs that can control their birth. Boys can also never act like boys, because of feminism now, because in feminism, acting like a boy, and doing traditional stuff a boy does is LOOKED DOWN UPON, and the only couple things we have left, videogames, and watching superheroes, and reading about them are now also attacked by feminists, and now we cannot even enjoy that anymore. Men are also constantly taught, and pressured to not show their emotions, and when feminists constantly shut down any men, and blame men for everything, not allowing them to speak up, and using male tears when they do speak up, along with the fact that people keep saying that boys do not cry, and they need to man up, it only reinforces the stereotype, it is also most likely why men are funnier than women in general since a lot of the time, humor is used to make light of horrible situations happening to them, and to lessen the severity of them, humor can be pretty dark at times. Females get tons of abortion rights unlike males. Males can get kicked out of jobs, expelled from school, get censored, make them look like the worst people ever, socially ostracize them, or even get arrested if they do not follow the regressive left to the letter. Males are constantly stereotyped to be incredibly violent, and aggressive people while females are also very, very violent at times, and females show their aggression more so with gossip, talking behind men’s backs, and planting rumors about them, and making them look horrible, so I believe females are even worse about the problem than men, the toxic masculinaty BS does not exist at all, in fact violence is constantly looked down upon in society, if you act too rambunctious in class, you can get suspended, teachers constantly hate any rough housing, or kinds of wrestling even between friends, and teachers are afraid of any PERCEIVED threat of violence, such as an imaginary gun, or playing cops, and robbers. Males have to fight in the army to vote, but recently, the women got the draft as well, and now they have to go through the horrors of wartime as well as men. There are much more homeless men than women. As for domestic violence, statistics actually show that men get as much domestic abuse as women. and male domestic violence does not get reported nearly as much as female for a number of major reasons: men are not nearly as emotional as women, domestic violence against men are not nearly as recognized as domestic violence against women, males get judged for not being manly enough, and for allowing them to get beaten by women, while feminists laugh at men when they state any of their problems, also, women tend to avoid arrest much more than men do, but even if the domestic abuse statistics are correct, it is still a huge number. Men can be forced into parenthood without their consent even if a female rapes a male, and gets pregnant because of that, and the men still has to pay for the child, and can still be sued for child custody while women can opt out of parenthood, men rarely win child custody, men make up 95% of workplace deaths. Females also get tons of help for their problems, and have tons of shelters focusing on helping them from their problems, males have NONE of that. Meanwhile, women are complaining about eggplant emojis, sexist air conditioning, the wage gap, ban bossy, emojis not representing them properly, manspreading, institutionalized sexism, biology being sexist, toys being sexist despite the fact that it is mainly for marketing reasons, the market mainly sells these kinds of toys to males, and females, because statistics show that boys, and girls favor those kinds of toys, and catcalling despite women constantly gossiping, and talking about males behind their back, and how attractive they are.

Finally, feminism has made men afraid to date, start a relationship with, marry, or even FLIRT with a female, in fear of what the females might do back to them, because of feminism, and with that, they also destroy traditional families. Third wave feminism has done a lot of horrible shit, and is ruining it for men, and even women not involved with the movement, and the moderates by painting all of them in a bad light, and its real goal is to control everyone, and censor them, or screw them over if they do not follow the ideas of the regressive left, or follow their victim culture, modern feminism really is a cancerous movement that is ruining society, and I think egalitarianism is a much better option, no matter how many times the feminists shove the dictionary definition down our throats, and say that everyone who believes in equality are feminists while bashing everyone calling themselves an egalitarian. Fuck feminism.


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